We're excited to be speaking to both Fahd and Moin co-Founders of Tabarruk. An   introduction to Halal investing on the share market using the Tabarruk Screening Framework™️ and and insight into our investment portfolio.



Fahd brings years of operations, investment, finance, and business analysis expertise to the team. He served in the Australian Defence Force for several years before pursuing his passion for ethical investing. He uncovers hidden gems on the ASX sharemarket in Australia. After a Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering from RMIT and an MSc in Management Specialising in Banking and Finance from the University of Wales he turned his fascination with ethical finance into his first Thesis by conducted a Feasibility Study on the halal investing models in comparison to the free market model. He tries hard to avoid anything to do with the technical side of things and leaves it to his co-founder, Moin.



Moin has almost 20 years of digital technology, user experience and software expertise. He has worked for prominent brands like Emirates,Toyota, Foxtel, NRMA, RACV, and MYOB. He built the Tabarruk platform and pretends he doesn’t enjoy the financial side of things like Fahd, but secretly, he actually does. Like Fahd, he learnt finance basics from his father. He uses data / pattern analytics, technical chart analysis to complement Fahd’s fundamentals. He is ambivalent about his Bachelors degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Business Systems.  When not working, he will likely be wrestling with his two sons, or trying fuel his obsessed with chillies and finding the next ‘hottest’ thing to try.


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