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Community development is a process of structural transformation not only involves productivity growth, but also improvement in the quality of life. Digitization facilitates connectivity and enhances the community capabilities to gain access to technology and skills needed for promoting innovation and diversifying output.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution requires investment in digital technologies, artificial intelligence, ML and robotics to increase the Muslim innovative capabilities and diversify output. The Muslim world should rethink development to develop strategies that strengthen connectivity, collaboration, technological learning and digitization.

The aim of this session is to share how CollabDeen is bringing new wave of technology change to 'Faith based' and 'Faith-inspired-business' communities globally to highlight the importance of knowledge and technology for economic development in Muslim communities. The session focuses introducing few areas of technology and the high level challenges faced by Muslim communities, and how we can address solving with deep-technology and collaboration, benefit from the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the #MuslimTech domain.

Conveyor: Houssam Bizri

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